What is the Fast Rewards Eating System?


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What is the Fast Rewards Diet?

Nearly every other diet and training regimen follows a “calories in calories out” format which leads most people to failure.  Fortunately for you, your body is not as simple as personal finance and banking systems.  After years of education in Physical Therapy and Exercise Science, I had to ask why the calories in calories out approach does not work for everyone.  I discovered there are few key reasons why this approach fails most people.  First and foremost is that weight/fat gain and all body composition changes are based upon how your body is producing and responding to hormones.  Any changes a human may experience for the better or worse in performance actually lies in the neuroendocrine and neuromuscular systems.  These systems regulate your physiology of your metabolic and reproductive hormones. The Fast REWARDS eating system is based upon this realization.

The Fast Rewards eating system is so simple.  It eliminates counting and tracking numbers.  It gives you the empowerment to take control of your diet, your weight and your performance while continuing to eat all, I said ALL, of the foods you love.  Sounds too good to be true.  The science of the future always does.  In 10-15 years the science will catch up with modern day or common knowledge and people everywhere will be utilizing a diet regimen similar to the Fast REWARDS.

The Fast Rewards System is designed to allow you to achieve optimal states of health and performance, just like I had, in one of the most demanding sports in the world, college wrestling.  The kicker without starving yourself, performing hours of intense workouts and many of the other extreme attributes a competitive wrestler has to take on.  The more specific and focused you are, the easier life becomes.  You can get high levels of performance without wrecking yourself.   If you are the type of person who enjoys pushing your limits to the max this plan will help you too!

The FAST REWARDS diet is based upon daily cycles of selective fasting from specific foods at specific times and REWARDing yourself with your favorite foods at specific times that YOU choose.  The foods that increase insulin levels, decrease insulin sensitivity, increase estrogen levels, increase toxicity, stress your immune system and cause decrease performance and energy levels are not eaten during the Selective Fasting times of the day.  This diet is not a total fast but an approach that employs selective and intermittent fasting.

This means that foods are chosen or consumed at certain times for certain reasons to have a positive effect on the body.

The REWARDS part is the best part.  By following the principles, when you are on the Fast Rewards diet, you are able to eat foods that are otherwise banned from most traditional diets.

On the Fast Rewards Diet if you follow the rules for short periods of time, less than ONE WHOLE DAY!!!, less than 24 HOURS!!!, you are able to reward yourself with the foods that are typically totally removed and forbidden from most diets.  This diet also teaches you how to ensure proper nourishment and how to properly use recovery meals following bouts of exercise or demanding physical activity.   Once again, you get to reward yourself for your hard work!  There is nothing better than having hard work pay off with hefty REWARDS.  Imagine you get to feel this way every single day.  Be careful you might actually start to like the FAST REWARDS DIET!

Sounds Great doesn’t it?  Well trust me, my clients and I totally agree with you and guess what? It works like a charm!  It might be the EASIEST diet you have ever been on once you get the hang of it.

Wait a minute… So you are saying I can eat chocolate every day and still achieve optimal body weight and body fat?  Yes, and it is possible on the Fast REWARDS Diet.   Get your results without depriving yourself!  Finally you can!!!

The FAST REWARDS Diet is also designed to be able to be followed year round.  Once you understand the principles, it very easy to do this.  I wish you the best of Luck, even though I know you won’t need it!  It is hands down the best thing out there for getting leaner, healthier and improving your performance.


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